Vacuum massage with multi-microstimulation – a body shaping treatment

A technology that enables a two-handed symmetrical treatment, working simultaneously on both sides of the body. The result is an extremely thorough, multidimensional full-body massage with great respect for the skin. It is a new method of stimulation of the skin and adjacent tissues, which allows for precise work on the connective tissue. It can be used to eliminate cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphedema, scarring, constipation, muscle stiffness, tendonitis, and all signs of skin ageing.
Vacuum massage technology combined with laser and LED light

The vacuum massage combined with the energy of the biostimulating laser and LED light produces a photochemical effect in the tissues and stimulates greater permeability of cell membranes.

Diode laser wave penetrates deep into the tissue, where it is strongly absorbed by lipidsin adipocytes. This causes an increase in their temperature and accelerates the process of lipolysis.

Effect on tissues:
  • Naturally breaks down fat cells into glycerol and free fatty acids.
  • Reduces cellulite by reducing the volume of adipocytes.
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism.
  • Accelerates the body’s metabolism.

Who is the vacuum massage with multi microstimulation intended for?

The treatment is aimed at all women and men searching for a quick, effective and non-invasive solution to a wide range of therapeutic and aesthetic problems without the risk of side effects.
The treatments are indicated for people:
– With vascular problems and edema,
– Those fighting with deeply localized fat,
– Having problems with loose skin,
– Those struggling with excess weight and cellulite,
– With visible signs of facial skin aging, – Post-liposuction,
– Those struggling with surgical and burn scars that are ineligible for surgery for various reasons,
– Having muscle pain, back pain and neck pain caused by poor posture,
– Those suffering from constipation,
– Before and after surgical procedures,
– Those engaged in competitive or amateur sports, – Women after childbirth.

Contraindications for the procedure:
Absolute contraindications:
– cancer
– acute liver and kidney diseases
– unregulated hypertension
– anticoagulation treatment
– inflamed varicose veins
– aneurysms
– pregnancy (the first trimester)
– fever
– infectious diseases
40-60 MIN
from 299 zł
2-3 times a week
in series of 10-15 treatments

Vacuum Massage – what should you know?

Thanks to the exclusive, internationally extended Roboderm® patent, Vacuum Massage offers a fully customizable skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatment.

A unique technology in the world, capable of generating Multi Microbubble Stimulation. The microstimulators located in the Vacuum Massage treatment heads rotate back and forth to precisely and effectively stimulate the skin over the entire surface, reaching its smallest parts and generating up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute.

The result is an extremely accurate, multidimensional massage of the treated surface while maintaining great respect for the skin. Vacuum Massage is a new method of treating the skin and adjacent tissues, which allows for precise work on the connective tissue, eliminates cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphoedema, scars, constipation, muscle stiffness, tendinitis (tendon inflammation) as well as all signs of skin aging.

Treatment effects

– Cellulite reduction
– Modelled silhouette
– Reduction of local fat tissue
– Improvement of skin firmness


– Reduces cellulite by reducing the number of adipocytes
– Strong action on deeply located fat
– Speeds up cellular metabolism
– Does not damage adjacent tissues and blood vessels
– Stimulates cellular reconstruction through the production of collagen and elastin
– Improves blood microcirculation and oxygenates the tissue
– Stimulates the work of the lymphatic system, reduces swelling and inflammation
– The treatment is painless

Body shaping at Neroly Clinic
& SPA Sopot

Body contouring at Neroly Clinic & SPA in Sopot is a carefully selected treatment with the use of the latest technologies that will allow you to get rid of unwanted centimeters from the circumference and beautifully model your body. In combination with SPA rituals and massages, they will result in a slim, well-groomed figure.

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