Ritual with the Scent of Neroli

A wonderful ritual with the scent of Neroli for skin longing for time-stopping care. A treatment inspired by the most fashionable note of great perfume creators – the aroma of bitter orange. It will effectively soothe the nerves and allow you to relax while leaving your skin regenerated and visibly rejuvenated.
– Orange peeling
– Neroli mask wrap
– Massage with Neroli oil
Treatment products:
Body scrub with shea butter with the scent of juicy orange – seduces with a sweet scent and effectively removes dead skin cells, making the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch.
Neroli mask – an intensively moisturizing mask. Nourishes, cares for and significantly improves the condition of the skin.
Neroli oil – has a strong rejuvenating effect on the skin, improves its elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and nourishes tired skin. It is beneficial for all skin types – for the care of irritated, sensitive, sagging, dry and mature skin.
Treatment effects:
– Visibly toned, rejuvenated skin
– A feeling of calmness and deep relaxation
– Leaves skin nourished and highly moisturized
– Neroli fragrance helps fight insomnia
– Removes dead skin cells
up to 80 MIN
370 zł

The Touch of Gold & the Baltic Ritual

About the treatment: A unique ritual full of precious ingredients that will bring you closer to the exclusive mysticism of the world of gold, caviar and pearls. The experience of subtle bliss will be secured by a relaxing massage of the whole body, strengthening the feeling of bliss and relaxing the muscles. After the therapy, your body and soul will be immersed in the experience of luxury and a sense of relaxation.
– Amber peeling
– Golden mask wrap
– Full body massage


Peeling – tempting with gold and amber particles, of a delicate texture with sugar crystals, grape seed oil, caviar extract, jojoba oil and sugar cane extract. It will smooth the skin and make it velvety to the touch.
Pearl mask – with champagne extract and pearl powder
Massage jelly – with grape seed oil, caviar extract and vitamin E.

– Visibly toned, rejuvenated skin
– Deep relaxation and stress relief
– Radiant skin sprinkled with flecks of gold and pearls
– The dead skin cells are removed
– Moisturized and smoothed skin
up to 80 MIN
360 zł

Chocolate Dream Ritual

A perfect ritual infused with the stimulating aroma of chocolate. Ideal for flabby skin with an “orange peel” effect. The treatment has a deeply relaxing effect, it will restore balance and reduce tension. The ritual consist of:
– Chocolate peeling
– Chocolate mask wrap


Chocolate peeling – with cocoa bean powder, micronized orange peel, sunflower seed oil will effectively remove the dead skin cells.
Chocolate mousse mask – with cocoa bean powder, red seaweed, algae, silica. With its warming effect, the mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The flavonoids contained in it will delay the aging process and neutralize the effects of free radicals.


– The skin is regenerated and smoothed
– The dead skin cells are removed
– Leaves a sensual chocolate scent
– Perfectly relaxes and unwinds
– The skin is nourished and deeply moisturized

up to 55 MIN
270 zł

Sicilian Firming Ritual

Discover the land of volcanoes on the sunny Italian island. Feel the therapeutic effects of thermal waters and volcanic ash on your own skin. Be impressed by the scent of citrus fruits and the essential oils full of vitamins.

The ritual consists of:
– Volcanic ash peeling
– Mask wrap with volcanic ash
– Full body massage


Volcanic ash peeling – Etna volcanic lava powder and thermal water from the Sicilian Sclafani Bagni. Exfoliates, cleanses and regenerates. Nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens. Rich in magnesium, calcium and silica.

Mask with volcanic dust – the unique formula provides the skin with a rich source of hydration and softness. The mask nourishes and has a strong anti-aging effect. Restores elasticity. It eliminates congestion and soothes the skin. It relaxes, unwinds and gives a feeling of comfort.

Massage butter with prickly pear and orange blossom – nourishes and wraps the body in a sensual cocoon. Contains oils (grape seed, fig opuntia) and orange flower water, ensuring perfect regeneration and ideal application of the preparation on the skin. The citrus scent stimulates the senses and invites the body and mind for a moment of absolute relaxation.

– Nourished and elastic skin
– Deep relaxation
– Exfoliation and cleansing of the skin of the whole body
– Hydrated and regenerated skin
up to 80 MIN
450 zł

Japanese Richly Nourishing Ritual

Free your mind as you travel to a country of meditation, peace and deep relaxation. Appreciate the relaxing properties of the magnesium-rich oyster shell powder. Discover the soothing and moisturizing properties of cotton and rice oils.

The ritual consists of:
– Oyster shell peeling
– Mask with cotton
– Full body massage


Oyster shell body peeling – rich, creamy texture. It removes dead skin cells, allowing the skin to regain its softness and radiance. At the same time – thanks to it being rich in magnesium – the peeling gives the feeling of relaxation. Introduces mineral salts and trace elements to the skin for better blood circulation. Ensures skin hydration, remineralises and nourishes it.

Foaming cotton mask – nourishes, soothes, moisturizes and relaxes. Prevents aging. Stimulates microcirculation and ensures proper skin hydration. Strongly nourishes thanks to the properties of cotton and rice oils.

Green tea and wakame algae oil – is a combination of high-quality vegetable oils: sunflower, rice sprout and oily extract of wakame – a very popular algae in Asia. This ultra-nourishing care is perfectly suited for dry and dehydrated skin in need of nourishment, firmness and comfort. The body is wrapped in the delicate and refreshing notes of green tea.


– Strong nourishment and hydration of the skin
– Cleansing and removal of dead skin cells
– Firming, prevention of skin aging
– Relaxation and a feeling of calmness

up to 80 MIN
420 zł

Scandinavian Anti-Aging Ritual

Close your eyes and allow your body to take an embracing and regenerating journey into the depth of the Baltic Sea. Discover the advantages of amber, a precious stone with healing properties, polar algae and its innovative anti-aging properties, as well as health-promoting plants such as: Rhodiola Rosea and Sea-buckthorn, known for their relaxing and regenerating qualities. Your body will be fully rejuvenated, nourished and wrapped in a sensual fragrance.

The ritual consists of:
– Amber peeling
– Mask wrap with polar algae
– Full body massage


Amber peeling – the perfect combination of creamy texture with amber particles. It enables gentle but effective exfoliation of the skin. Sea-buckthorn oil fully regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Mask with polar algae – a creamy mask with highly nourishing and regenerating properties thanks to active ingredients derived from polar algae and sea buckthorn oil, which penetrate the skin, ensuring its youthful appearance and firmness.

Massage cream with Rhodiola Rosea and Sea Buckthorn – the unique texture of the cream ensures a good glide during the massage, supplying the skin with active plant ingredients, including Rhodiola Rosea – a known adaptogen that increases resistance to stress and has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, and Sea Buckthorn Oil with its regenerating properties.

– Cleansing and exfoliation of the skin
– Regeneration and hydration
– Youthful look and firmness of the skin
– Deep relaxation and unwinding
up to 80 MIN
520 zł

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